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2011: The Year of Yes

Posted on: Jan 17, 2012 by Nicole Lapin | 3 Replies |
As you remember, 2010 was the Year of Daydreaming for me — since I didn’t do much night dreaming. While I got to do a little more night dreaming in 2011, I will dub this year: the Year of Yes. Yes, the one of yes. Here’s why:
Yes, I had obscenely long “anchor” hair.
Yes, I was the girl who knew nothing about sports but joined the “Morning Drive” team on The Golf Channel.
Yes, it took me 27 years to have a birthday party.
But you better believe that I did it up bi-coastal.
And, yeah, I talked about it (and danced) on “Morning Drive.”
But, the next week I talked “States of Pain” at the Press Club in DC.  (One of my dreams)
And yes, this super-duper nerd actually got into US Weekly to her (still current) amazement (wearing a dress from eBay, by the way).
I was only on the red carpet losing to a Kardashian in a fashion poll because I was a judge (nerd behind the scenes) at the Tribeca Film Festival.
And yes, I know, I know, I kinda look like Kate.
And, yeah, it was weird anchoring live during the royal wedding.
(Unfortunately) yes, I was the girl who found out that saying “bullocks” on the air is not appropriate if your show airs in London.
And yep, even in Cannes this potty-mouth couldn’t get fancy. (This is what a French Z-Pack looks like.)
And you’re right — that was me holding a cigar in front of the stock exchange (no relation to me getting sick — it was just a prop).
And that made for interesting conversation with America’s mayor when I emceed a tribute for the city’s fine firefighters post 9/11…
…many of whom sent me notes after I was the first anchor out of the US to report the death of Osama Bin Laden.
Yes, 4:00am used to be the middle of my workday — and being on the “Today” show at 7:00am felt like sleeping in.
My west coast friends would only catch me on MSNBC when they woke up.
And yes, I have a girl crush on Chris Jansing. More so after I joined her show as a regular this year.
The only other woman I have a girl crush on is April O’Neil — and, yeah, I was the CNBC anchor who had her figurine on my desk.

Yes, I was also the CNBC anchor who lusted for more. Did I believe in myself enough to stand on my own? Yes.

Now I’m like the CEOs I used to interview.
And, yes, I’m back on CNN.
But also on other networks and outlets voicing my opinions.
Yes, I finally found my voice.
And my balance.
And love.
And even a love for sports.

And, yes, at times it was a hard, hard journey of a year.
But, am I proud of the chick that I grew into in 2011? Hell, yes!

3 Responses to “2011: The Year of Yes”

  1. Dan Wang says:

    So happy you had a wonderful 2011! Here’s to another wonderful year in 2012!!!

  2. Toph says:

    2011 may have been the year of yes… but 2012 is the year of there’s a whole lot of shit to do. happy to see it all come together.

  3. baba baba daa says:

    so beautiful nicole lapin

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