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Girl Crush Of The Week

Posted on: Aug 20, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 0 Replies |
#WCW: Ali Pincus, Hunter’s Alley founder and One Kings Lane co-founder
Ali is a true role-model entrepreneur, unafraid to use her strengths as a woman to lead in the male-dominated tech industry.  She’s smart, savvy, sweet and a sartorial guru. 
Her “it can be done” attitude is endlessly inspiring. For example, One Kings Lane launched in ’08–right in the middle of the financial crisis. The company has since raised over $229M in capital. 

“I show up every day as part of the team. The notion of power doesn’t really occur to me. It’s not my focus.”
I love that Ali really values the people that she works with, and constantly strives to empower and inspire others. That’s why she is this week’s Girl Crush Of The Week. 


$$ Word Of The Day

Posted on: Aug 18, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 0 Replies |


Today’s $$ ‘Word’: Bulls / Bears.

Bulls/Bears: You will hear this all the time. Just remember: Bulls are aggressive and Bears are skeptical in the finance world. “Bulls” refer to people who believe a market or stock is going up; they are said to be “bullish.” “Bears” believe a market or stock is going down; they are said to be, you guessed it, “bearish.”  

Workweek Warrior

Posted on: Aug 14, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 1 Reply |

image (5)

‘Workweek Warrior’ is the place for random things to get you through the work week– whether they simply make you smile, spur your creativity, or offer tips for time/work/life management.

4. Secrets to Influencing Absolutely Anyone (insert evil laughter here…)
Where are you finding inspiration this week?

Girl Crush Of The Week

Posted on: Aug 13, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 1 Reply |

#WCW: True & Co. co-founders Michelle Lam and Aarthi Ramamurthy 

True & Co. is helping women everywhere get the best bra fit that they can, without ever stepping foot in a dressing room! How cool is that? After all, one of the biggest parts of looking (and feeling) good in your clothes is starting with the proper undergarments.
Michelle Lam– a former principal at Bain Capital Ventures– and Aarthi Ramamurthy — a former program manager at Microsoft– represent an excellent pairing of brains and beauty.
Did you know that there are over 20 components to a bra? That size is all relative depending on what kind of bra you’re buying? Michelle and Aarthi took all the “unwritten rules” of bra shopping and wrote them into a code. Really. They figured out an algorithm to figure out the best size and fit depending on what you need.
I love the way that these ladies think, and that’s why they’re my #WCW.

$$ Word Of The Day

Posted on: Aug 11, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 1 Reply |



Today’s $$ ‘Word’: Amortization. 

Amortization: This has two meanings in finance where you talk about spreading a loss out over a fixed period. 1. When you pay off debt on a specific schedule, mostly for home or car loans. When you start paying it off, you’ll mostly be paying off the interest, then as the payments near the end, they will eat mostly into the principal until (ideally) you’re all done repaying.  2. When you talk about depreciating something intangible (copyrights, patents, intellectual property, franchise rights) for taxes evenly over the time it was meant to be valuable. Used in a sentence: “In order to pay off the enormous debt she incurred securing a patent for making milkshakes out of chicken (for which she realized there was zero market) Nicole will amortize her loss over the next few years.

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