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$$ Word Of The Day

Posted on: Oct 20, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 0 Replies |


Today’s $$ Word: Liquidity.

Liquidity: Your ability to pay now – having liquidity means you have cash. Note that even the wealthy can sometimes be illiquid if they own an illiquid asset (real estate, say) that can’t be turned into ready cash.

Workweek Warrior

Posted on: Oct 16, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 2 Replies |

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‘Workweek Warrior’ is the place for random things to get you through the work week– whether they simply make you smile, spur your creativity, or offer tips for time/work/life management.

Where are you finding inspiration this week?

Girl Crush Of The Week

Posted on: Oct 15, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 0 Replies |

#WCW: Julie Aigner-Clark

Best known as the founder of The Baby Einstein Company, Julie Aigner-Clark is a mommy entrepreneur proving that you don’t have to choose between family and business to have success and fulfillment in both.

The Baby Einstein Company became a multimillion-dollar company in less than five years, and marked the beginning of an entirely new industry: bringing the arts (like poetry and classical music) to babies and toddlers in child-friendly ways.

Now the head of Mommy Made, Julie continues to facilitate and create ways to make the world a better place for kids.  She and her husband also help create brands create new brands that bring value to non-profit organizations through Aigner Clark Creative.

Julie is my ‘Girl Crush Of The Week’ because she created an empire (started in her basement!) from a passion: the simple desire to expose children to intellectually stimulating creative content. This is so very important, and I’m so very inspired. 

$$ Word Of The Day

Posted on: Oct 14, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 1 Reply |


Today’s $$ Word: Trust.

Trust: “Trust” is the most important ingredient in a relationship, right? Well, a financial trust is just that: a relationship. Only it’s one comprised of money. A trust is formed when one party “trusts” property or assets to another party (typically a bank) for the benefit of a third party, or beneficiary. For example, a parent might leave a trust for a child under the age of 18, or for a child who has a mental disability that impairs his or her ability to take care of their own finances. There are two types: a living trust, which is in effect during the trustor’s lifetime; and a testamentary trust, which is outlined in the will of a dead person. Once the beneficiary is deemed able to manage the funds on his or her own (for example, when the child turns 18) they get full possession of the trust and use of whatever’s inside it.

Behind The Scenes: Trendy@Wendy

Posted on: Oct 10, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 0 Replies |

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