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Workweek Warrior

Posted on: Jul 25, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 1 Reply |
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‘Workweek Warrior’ is the place for random things to get you through the work week– whether they simply make you smile, spur your creativity, or offer tips for time/work/life management.
4. In a summer wedding?  Peep these speech tips
Where are you finding inspiration this week?

Trendy@Wendy: Behind The Scenes

Posted on: Jul 22, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 0 Replies |

photo 1 photo 2 photo 1 (1) photo 5 photo 4 photo 2 (1)

$$ Word Of The Day

Posted on: Jul 21, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 0 Replies |


Today’s $$ ‘Word’: Fiscal Policy.

Fiscal policy: When you hear talk on the news of the government’s budget, what you’re hearing is a discussion of fiscal policy…taxes and all that jazz are “fiscal.” NOT to be confused or used interchangeably with “Monetary” policy which doesn’t come from the government but the fed and deals with interest rates and the like.

Favorite Eats — LA

Posted on: Jul 18, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 0 Replies |

LA has some amazing food. Here are some of my favorite places I ate at this week:

Cafe Gratitude
Gracias Madre
Earth Bar
M Café
Groundwork Coffee Co
Real Food Daily

Girl Crush Of The Week

Posted on: Jul 16, 2014 by Nicole Lapin | 0 Replies |

 #WCW:  Alli Webb

It’s safe to say that Alli Webb has saved many a woman from terrifyingly bad hair days, yours truly included.

Not only is she the effervescent founder of super successful blow dry salon “The Drybar,” Alli has worked with people like Faith Hill and Paul McCartney– She is kind of a business genius, and I’m definitely inspired.

She’s created a total culture around her salons.

Don’t listen to people who tell you it’s a bad idea. Listen to your heart. If everyone shared your passion, someone would have already done it! Stop talking about, just go do it.”

I am obsessed with the woman and my locks are obsessed (and appreciative) of her services.

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