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July 13th – Think For Yourself

Sometimes when we talk about money, it’s easier to use analogies that we’re more comfortable with. So let’s use one of my favorites: shopping. Every once in a while when you’re out shopping, you find a “one-size-fits-all” top that looks and feels amazing on you. But, let’s be serious: if given the choice, would you opt for the O/S option or your actual size? I assume you said the latter? Right. So…why wouldn’t you choose what fits you financially?

Chances are, other so-called financial experts have drilled all sorts of truisms […]

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$$ Word Of The Week


Today’s $$ Word: Liquidity.

Liquidity: Your ability to pay now – having liquidity means you have cash. Note that even the wealthy can sometimes be illiquid if they own an illiquid asset (real estate, say) that can’t be turned into ready cash.

Interested in extending your financial vocabulary? Visit our dictionary here

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