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March 23rd – It’s YOUR Money!

Coming off of another whirlwind week on the tour! I spent last Thursday and Friday in sunny Florida, visiting my local news friends and hosting a panel with Neiman Marcus. You know what we talked about? Money, of course! But in the sneak-attack way that I love best: through spring fashion, dressing for work, and investing in staple pieces that will pay wardrobe dividends down the road.

Because the thing is, it’s YOUR money—and sometimes, in your own sneak-attack way, you have to fight for it. Whether it’s negotiating your bills every quarter […]

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Spring Forward Your Moolah


$$ Word Of The Week


Today’s $$ Word: Liquidity.

Liquidity: Your ability to pay now – having liquidity means you have cash. Note that even the wealthy can sometimes be illiquid if they own an illiquid asset (real estate, say) that can’t be turned into ready cash.

Interested in extending your financial vocabulary? Visit our dictionary here

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